Life on an Offshore Oil Rig

Even though, everybody works at close quarters, and there are many various kinds of individuals, nationalities, education and ability levels, and even languages, everybody’s functioning on the rig is important. Since of all these distinctions and the range from shore and home, the most important aspect of life on an oil well is the capability to get together with others.

Oil Rig 07Two Weeks On and Two Weeks Off

For the majority of people among the very best part of the work on a jackup rig is time off. The schedule oil employees frequently experience two to four weeks on the rig, then approximately the same length of time on leave and off the rig. Jobs on the rigs are extremely different from those on land, this means you work just about five months of the year.

Staff turnover on the rigs is high because many people simply can’t hack life on the rigs. The work is hard, the hours are long, plus living and working in the same location can be hard for some. An oil rig is similar to a little city and living with your work mates suggests you have to make friends with lots people who are all complete strangers to begin with.

The Lifestyle on an Oil wellOil Rig 04

Among all of these challenges, there are great deals of positive elements. The oil and gas companies have made life on the rigs much comfier than it used to be. What’s readily available depends a lot on the size and place of the rig, and although it’s not a resort, oil companies have done their best to satisfy the majority of people’s needs.

The sleeping quarters have en-suite shower and toilet facilities and satellite tvs. The snack bars offer a large variety of great quality food at every mealtime, plus tea snacks, cakes and rolls during the day out on the rig. The best part of this is that for oil workers the food is unlimited and totally free.

Other conveniences available to keep worker morale up consist of recreational facilities like a completely equipped gym and sauna, a movie theater, a full-size snooker table, laundry facilities, totally free phone calls home and duty-free cigarettes to purchase.

Whale and Shark spotting are still very popular although fishing is not allowed, due to the threat posed to divers. Weekly quiz nights help liven up the evenings.

The Dangers of the Job

Oil Rig 05Dealing with an offshore oil rig includes lots of risks and, naturally some foreign posts may also include countries that have unpredictable political conditions, warring factions, harsh weather and perhaps even natural disasters like volcanoes, typhoons. Making use of security personnel that are highly trained, the drilling companies involved try extremely hard to safeguard their employees.

Since the oil is extremely combustible, rig workers also have to handle the potential for fire. Although companies go to massive lengths to safeguard workers, mishaps do take place. All these dangers add up to the reasons some people don’t want to continue doing this type of work.…